House Flip-The Beginning

We purchased our first house to flip in late June 2023. Boy were we in for an adventure! Knowing our wedding and honeymoon were right around the corner in July and we both had full-time corporate jobs, we knew it would be a daunting challenge. We had been actively searching for a house for months. The idea was to flip for profit or to remodel and make it our first home. When we saw this property, we loved the potential and the layout. However, we knew due to the location and distance from town, it was better to flip this one and make some money!

The first impression was that this house needed so much work inside and out. The yard was not cut in more than a year. No one has lived in the house for over three years. Water and electricity were off for so long, that we were sure the AC unit was toast.

In this post, I’ll focus on the beginning stages of the flip. To recap, we bought the house in June and did the last updates in December. I couldn’t possibly take you through everything in one post. I break it out into different posts along the way so all the topics are covered. Financials are helpful to consider, so let me know if you’re interested!

Landscape Flip

I don’t take any credit for the work that went into getting this yard under control. The first weekend we had the house, my friends and I had my bachelorette trip to the beach. My husband and I decided it would be more efficient to not wait until I was back. My dad and husband did work on an early Saturday morning with a rented “bush hog” from Home Depot. If you have a similar project, you can always check the website to see if they have what you need at your location.

After this weekend, there was still a lot to be done outside. Although we desperately wanted to work on the inside, we spent 2 weeks trying to get the electrical inspection for reconnection. So that meant, inside the house was 10 degrees hotter than the already 90-degree weather we had in Georgia. So we were stuck working in the hot and humid yard for a bit!

Outside Flip Results

Now don’t be fooled by the before and afters, we worked on the outside on and off for the entirety of the time. Even at the end of it, we stood in the cold fixing gutters and stucco. When you buy a property, you should be prepared for everything and anything.

The landscape and overgrowth were under control quickly, but then we had to address gutters, shutters, stucco, the back deck, and various other outside improvements.

I mean, you almost can’t tell that it’s the same house in this before and after. Not to mention a good power wash was super necessary to take off all that algae and dirt off the vinyl siding. That deck looks so much better than the awkward closed-in porch.

As you can tell in the pictures, we did replace the roof shingles. That’s about the only thing we hired out in the entire process. I say that roofing in the middle of the summer is not something I am interested in learning and doing. Plus, it was fairly simple to browse around and get a great price. A new roof goes a long way in resale value, so this was a super important part for us to do.

We got rid of an old rotting fence that the previous owners had installed. They must have had small dogs, but seeing that we were targeting customers in a broad range, there was no reason to try and salvage it. Most of it was rotten or broken so we just yanked the cemented posts with a pickup truck. I won’t lie, the demo part of all the work was kind of fun and a good place to let off work stress.

House Flip- The Recap

So far, I have only really touched on a small percentage of all the work we did. There’s just so much to share and so many things we did over the past couple of months. I am proud of our achievements, and I hope this series encourages those of you who are interested in doing something like this.

It is daunting to take such a big risk. We were certainly in over our heads as I look back (we were sure we would be done in 1 month). However, we learned so much about each other and renovating that I would not change it for the world. We are also super detail-oriented in keeping up with expenses and budgets. In the end, we were able to make a VERY nice profit. I will go into finances as well if that is something of interest!

Looking forward to writing more about our flipping journey as we gear up for our next chapter. If you liked this post, you will enjoy my other home inspiration posts like this Creating a Warm Haven post. I’ll be arduously working on bringing more posts about real estate investing soon!


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